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Hocking Hills has you covered

Blooming Cabins provides convenient proximity to the best of Hocking Hills. Let our cabins serve as base camp as you explore the standout trails, caves, and waterfalls of the state park and other area highlights.

Ash Cave

Ash Cave is the large recessed cave East of the Mississippi. One of the more accessible hikes (wheelchair accessible much of the way) and especially beautiful after a little rainfall. Ash Cave is named after a huge pile (it was recorded as being 100 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 3 feet deep) of ashes found under the shelter by early settlers believed to have accumulated from indigenous campfires built up over hundred of years.


Boch Hollow

Boch Hollow Nature Preserve contains 7 miles of hiking trails in the northern edge of the Hocking Hills region. The most significant natural feature in the preserve is Laurel Falls (formerly Robinson Falls), a rare example in Ohio of a canyon falls. A permit is required from the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves to view the falls, though the permitting process is fairly easy to complete (just be sure to do so at least 14 days before visiting the area).


Broken Rock Falls

Located in the Old Man’s Cave area, this waterfall doesn’t get a fraction of the crowds the area’s other waterfalls do. Broken Rock Falls spills down a tributary that flows into the creek downstream from the Lower Falls. This is without a doubt one of the most unique waterfalls in Ohio. The waterfall received its name “Broken Rock” because it looks like it’s cutting a giant rock right in half.


Cantwell Cliffs

Deep valleys and high cliffs abound at Cantwell Cliffs. Several hikes for guests who don’t mind heights and inclines/declines. It’s one of the more remote regions of Hocking Hills. Plenty of opportunities for picturesque views and photos.

Cedar Falls

Cedar Fall’s powerful waterfall – the greatest amount of water flowing of any of the Hocking Hills waterfalls and one that only grows following rains – is your reward after hiking this popular trail.

Clear Creek

Clear Creek Metro Park encompasses 5,300 acres of woodland interspersed with sandstone cliff, ravines, lakes, and creeks. It’s home to Ohio’s last remaining colonies of rhododendron. A large number of nature trails awaits visitors.