Casual (But Quality) Dining Options


Hocking Hills has a smattering of quality, but casual restaurants and cafes across the region and a little of something for everyone despending on tastes. Be sure to check here for additional kid friendly places (most of those described below would also qualify) and here if you’re wanting something a little more refined.

For a good, hearty meal convenient to the Blooming Cabins properties, it’s hard to beat Jimbo’s Burgers and Beer. It has great proximity to the cabin and the nearby hiking trails and just does the simple things right. The burgers are the best in the area (in our humble opinion) and its other sandwiches, salads, and pizza options don’t disappoint either. It’s a solid option for dine in or carryout.

There are several restaurants located in Logan, OH that provide motivation for making the trip into town. The Olde Dutch Restaurant is probably chief among them due to its people pleasing buffet (picture below) and quality home cooking. A bit off the beaten path, a restaurant rising up the ranks is TheFeed, a place that can give Jimbo’s a run for its money when it comes to the best burger in the area (and beats it when it comes to creative dishes); things can get pretty adventurous here. If your stomach is calling out for BBQ, Millstone BBQ is the destination. Or maybe something further south? Maya Burrito Co. is a spin on the Chipotle model with a Mayan accent and is easy to find in downtown Logan.

A bit in the other direction from most recommendations, The Ridge Inn Restaurant located in Laurelville, OH serves up quality Americana fare and also often makes doughnuts for weekend visitors. This is a good choice if you want to head up to hike Rock House and need a meal before or after.

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